Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The typical author, especially the novice, feels that he/she has written THE book that will clarify the outlooks of all the readers who will, obviously, flock to read it. The book in question, may indeed have many virtues, but most authors overlook one detail. Potential readers are at least as busy as you are, and they won't drop everything to read your book unless you give them an extremely convincing reason to do so. I have discovered as I have continued to write one to two books per year, that I devote most of my reading time to my own books, during the writing and revision process. The major exception that changes my priorities comes when another writer whom I know personally, asks me to read his or her book or manuscript. The moral of this little observation is that it pays for writers to get to know each other, either via social media or, preferably, through face-to-face events. Remember that when you convince a supporting fellow writer to read your book, you are potentially influencing his or her many followers too.

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